Calibration Loading Rig

The Calibration Loading Rig is designed to introduce external calibration solutions onto thermal desorption tubes via vapor phase, which is recommended by key international standard methods such as US EPA TO-17. The CLR consists of an unheated injector port with a toggle valve and a needle valve to control carrier gas flow. In the back there are two connection points: one for gas supply (1/8 inch) and the other for the thermal desorption tube (1/4 inch standard, 6mm adapter included). The sampling end of a fully packed thermal desorption tube is connected to the CLR via a ¼" stainless steel nut and a combined (one-piece) PTFE ferrule. The carrier gas flow is set by a needle valve, to between 80 and 100 mL/min. This sweeps the injection port and passes down through the tube to vent. The calibration standard (gas or liquid phase) is introduced through the injector septum using a standard GC syringe. The compounds of interest are swept onto the sampling end of the attached tube in the stream of carrier gas and reach the sorbent bed in the vapor phase. Note: To avoid a large solvent peak, it is recommended that a sufficient volume of carrier gas is allowed to pass through the tube. Careful selection of volatile solvent, which cannot be retained by the sorbent material, is also recommended. Unlike the devices from other providers, our CLR is made of all stainless steel parts (i.e., no plastic, no brass). Please read the instruction manual carefully before using your CLR. When properly used and maintained, your CLR should provide years of reliable service.

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