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End Cap Options

Camsco® offers a variety of cap options to fit your specific application and needs.

Compression Caps
  • Compression caps are used for storage, both before and after sampling
  • All compression caps come with Camsco’s universal PTFE ferrules
  • All pre-conditioned tubes should be shipped with compression caps
  • At Camsco, we numerically torque the compression caps to optimal tightness
  • For passive sampling, Camsco’s PTFE compression caps are 75% lighter than the equivalent brass caps
Analytical Caps
  • Analytical caps are used for analysis and storage
  • Analytical caps will work with the robotic arms that de-cap and re-cap tubes in ATDs
  • For long-term storage, compression caps are better than analytical caps
Diffusion Caps
  • Diffusion (Passive) Sampling Caps are used for low-cost or large-scale studies
  • Passive sampling caps are made from lightweight aluminum for ease of use and durability