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Custom Sorbent Tubes? No problem.

Camsco has manufactured more than two million sorbent tubes (thermal desorption tubes) and ATD tubes. Over the last 20 years Camsco has helped develop and manufactured hundreds of different types, sizes and configurations of sorbent tubes. As a result, there are few designs Camsco hasn’t encountered. Whatever your requirement, or the needs of your particular organization, we can custom-manufacture sorbent tubes and related products to meet the most exacting requirement.


Camsco continually upgrades and expands its manufacturing capabilities. Camsco's vertically integrated manufacturing facility includes everything required to address your custom sorbent tube designing and building requirements, including professional wet saws, laser marking machine, diamond scribe saw, lathes and kilns. Our own scientific instrumentation, including TD-GC-MS, supports ongoing test and quality control checks – our own science-and-technology staff backs these up.


This same level of attention goes into assuring the quality and performance of custom-manufactured adsorbent tubes. We think this makes a significant difference: you and your organization can ensure that modified test protocols will be supported by Camsco sorbent tubes even when your instrument manufacturers won’t.


When your needs are beyond the abilities of instrument manufacturers or common catalog retailers, connect with Camsco.


To request a custom sorbent tube, talk to the experts. Connect with Camsco.