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Tenax TA Tube

Tenax® TA is the most popular sorbent for thermal desorption. The registered trademark "Tenax" is held by its manufacturer Buchem B.V., and "TA" means "Trapping Agent". This sorbent was originally named Tenax GC as a sorbent for packed GC columns, and some old literature still has it that way. Read More

Air Toxics Tube

The Clean Air Act requires US EPA to set National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Air Toxics, also known as “hazardous air pollutants (HAP)”, are of particular interest due to their threat to human health. Read More

TO-17 Tube Style 1

Global anthropogenic VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions are estimated about 142 teragrams of carbon per year and growing, even though the majority of total VOC is still produced by plants.Read More

Cold Traps

Cold trap performance is critical for modern TD-GC/MS instruments. Either working in conjunction with sorbent tubes to form a two-stage thermal desorption system, or by itself similar to the way implemented in PAMS Read More


Camsco’s BTEX Monitoring Tube is designed and engineered to meet the needs for fenceline monitoring of BTEX and 1,3-butadiene near refineries, even though it may be utilized independently as a passive sampler for BTEX detection in ambient air. Read More

BTEX Capture System

Camsco’s BTEX Capture System is our solution to the US EPA’s ongoing effort to improve the monitoring of VOC emissions from refineries. Read More