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Environmental Monitoring
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Environmental Monitoring

Ambient Air

In 1970 the US EPA signed the Clean Air Act (CAA) into law and is now responsible for setting and enforcing standards to keep our air clean. Several local and national government programs, such as SLAMS, NAMS, SPMS and PAMS, help in monitoring for pollutants in the air.

Industrial Air

Worker safety is of upmost importance to all involved.  From BTEX monitoring to toxic chemical exposure to stack gases released from industrial sites, Sorbent Tubes are an accurate and reliable way to ensure worker safety.

Soil Gas

The most commonly used technique for analyzing soil-gas samples is gas chromatography (GC) in combination with a detector appropriate to the target analytes.  Typical primary sources of contamination include surface spills, leaking underground storage tanks, pipes, trenches, dry wells or landfills.