TubeTrack™ Fenceline Monitoring Software

A revolutionary mobile application for tracking the deployment and harvesting of fenceline sampling tubes paired with a high powered interactive data visualization, exploration, & reporting tool for refineries


There seem to be headaches associated with Fenceline Monitoring and we are looking to cure those headaches. TubeTrack/Field provides an easy-to-use mobile application for tracking the deployment and harvesting of sampling tubes across the perimeter of refineries. Whether you're the onsite environmental staff, an LDAR contractor, consultant or handling fenceline samples in another capacity, TubeTrack/Field helps you maintain accurate records and reduces the cost involved in operating the field collection process.

Features include:

  • - Accurate Mobile Field tracking for deploying & harvesting fenceline samples reducing human error
  • - Instant deliver of field collection data to the laboratory
  • - Automated near real-time NOAA/METAR data feed
  • - Automated chain of custody tracking of all 2-week sampling event eliminated handwritten and manual data entry

TubeTrack/Explorer Dashboard

The TubeTrack/Explorer dashboard features an interactive data visualization, exploration, & reporting tool giving you access to TubeTrack's cloud-based EPA-325 data tracking and reporting engine. This tool provides you with the ability to rapidly identify what's happening at your refinery mitigating the risk of exceedances of the action limit and provides tools for corrective actions when necessary. The dashboard also is a great way to start getting familiar with the way your fenceline data could be viewed by the public. The software does all of this for you and so much more.

Features include:

  • - Sampling results for each sampling locations in μg/m
  • - Automated NOAA/METAR data feed from nearby airport
  • - Satellite view of refinery & adjacent industrial complexes
  • - Automated calculation of rolling benzene average & exceedance indicator
  • - Automated CEDRI reporting tool
  • - Directional VOC feature

TubeTrack/Lab Interface

TubeTrack's cloud-based tracking system manages all relevant program information on a multiple-redundancy cloud-based data server. Once field collection information has been uploaded, the laboratory is able to instantly access that information.

TubeTrack/Lab is a dedicated interface for laboratories to access and process sample collection data for the clients they serve. All relevant information is readily available upon starting the analysis process facilitating an efficient and rapid processing of a client’s sampling collection. Once a current sampling set has been analyzed, labs directly upload relevant verification information along with analytical results into TubeTrack's cloud server. TubeTrack features an automated notification and alert system that allows clients to subscribe to notification events. Alert thresholds can be set that alert a client to critical analysis results, such as excessive exceedances or rolling averages approaching a critical value.

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